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AKJ Chemicals offers turn key solutions to help customers solve the most difficult material handling challenges - including dust control, freeze conditioning, wet flow enhancement and spontaneous combustion inhibition.  We customize treatment programs to focus on offering the highest level of performance, compliance, safety and value delivery.  Contact Us today to learn more about how AKJ can solve your toughest material handling challenges so you don't have to!

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Technology Spotlight: Slip Coating Agent

As we exit freeze season in North America, dealing with coal and other bulk solids freezing to handling and transportation equipment begins to subside.  However, when these same materials become higher in surface moisture due to rain events it can lead to similar handling challenges.   AKJ Chemicals offers a slip coating, ReleasEase, that can be used to treat haul trucks, rail cars and other metal surfaces that bulk solids stick to.  ReleasEase creates a non-stick coating that can offer performance across multiple unloading cycles and typically delivers a return on investment.  Contact AKJ to learn more about how ReleasEase can help maximize throughput even during and after moisture events.

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