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AKJ Chemicals

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Products and Services: AKJ Chemicals offers a wide range of products to address essentially every material handling challenge customers face when mining, moving and processing minerals and bulk solids.  Whether your handling dry material that is causing significant dusting or wet material that won't flow - AKJ Chemicals has you covered.  Learn more about our product line below:

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Dust Control

Dust emissions can be a pervasive problem in the mining and minerals industry.  It can create unsafe working conditions, result in downtime due to compliance and regulatory pressure and even represent yield loss in extreme cases.  AKJ takes a customized, scientific approach to design site specific programs that take the guess work out of dust control and provide customers results.

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Request more information about how AKJ Chemicals can help solve all of your material handling challenges.


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Freeze Conditioning

Handling and transporting coal and other bulk solids during winter months can be challenging.  Surface moisture present on the material can cause it to freeze to itself and/or equipment and make it difficult to handle and unload.  This is especially true for rail shipments and can lead to significant carryback (coal frozen to rail car walls).  Carryback not only represents yield loss when it cannot be unloaded cleanly, it can cause unsafe conditions due to out of balance rail cars, freight inefficiency due to reduced load weights, and productivity losses due to longer unloading times.  AKJ offers a full range of freeze conditioning products to optimize handling and transporting bulk solids even during the harshest winter weather. 

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Wet Flow Enhancement

While the lack of surface moisture present on bulk solids can lead to dust events, too much moisture can make materials difficult to handle.  Many bulk solids become "sticky" when surface moisture is elevated and can become difficult to unload and move through material handling units.  This often leads to longer unloading times, reduced throughput rates and can even lead to unplanned downtime in extreme cases.  AKJ Chemicals offers wet flow enhancement products that allow high moisture material to be easily unloaded and handled to help customers avoid reduced production rates.

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Custom Chemistry


AKJ knows that material handling and process chemistries are not one size fits all.  We take a custom approach to designing treatment programs that address site specific variables and key business drivers to deliver value customers can rely on.


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Spontaneous Combustion Inhibition

Some bulk solids, such as coal, are prone to oxidation.  This exothermic reaction can produce significant heat and when that heat is unable to dissipate cause thermal runaway and spontaneous combustion events.  AKJ Chemicals offers both full body feed antioxidants and surface sealant products that can slow down the oxidation process and help customers avoid sponcom events,

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Process Chemicals

AKJ offers additional programs focused on process

improvements and optimization to deliver value you can trust.

Equipment and Technology

AKJ offers turn key application equipment that leverages state of the art dust monitoring technology to optimize performance, water/chemical usage and total cost of operation.

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