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Airborne Dust Suppression


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Airborne Dust Suppression

Dust prevention is not always an option. In some cases the only viable approach is to suppress dust that has already become airborne. This most commonly applies to underground mining and rapid unloading of bulk solids from haul trucks and rail cars. Water sprays are the most common approach to suppressing dust in these applications in an attempt to create safer working environments.


While water alone can help, AKJ offers a cost effective program to make water far more effective. DustShield is a powerful surfactant that lowers the surface tension of application water to create smaller water droplets. This can create as much as 2X the number of droplets compared to water alone and dramatically increase collision efficiency with dust particles to maximize dust suppression performance. Let DustShield make your water work harder and clear the air to create a safer, more efficient working environment.

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Airborne dust reduces visibility and can be a real threat to human health and safety. DustShield can clear the air and deliver dust suppression you can count on.


Water alone often cannot keep airborne dust in check.  This can lead to fines and production shutdowns due to non-compliance.


DustShield can help suppress dust emissions at critical points in your operation and help reduce environmental impact.

Asset Protection

Dust can negatively impact critical transportation and handling equipment.  An effective dust control program can reduce maintenance spend.

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Learn more about optimizing water and chemical usage with real time dust data.

Real Time Dust Monitoring Technology


Actionable Insights

With the latest innovations in dust monitoring, AKJ can help you leverage technology to not only monitor dust --

but harness the data to drive application programs and optimize water usage, chemical usage and applied costs.  Create safer, cleaner work environments with the dust control programs of!

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