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Car Top Binding


Car Top Binding

AKJ Chemical's premier car top binder, DustLock, has been used to treat more than 1 billion tons of coal and counting.  The specially formulated polymer creates a strong but flexible crust that can withstand heavy winds and mechanical vibration.  With BNSF approval and more than a decade of application experience, AKJ is the world leader in the car top binder space. 


DustLock not only controls dust in transit, it eliminates material loss and is far more economic and efficient to apply than physical covers.  Additional benefits are helping the payload shed water during in-transit moisture events and reducing oxygen flow through the material.  These performance characteristics often yield significant ROI and help maintain environmental and regulatory compliance.


Request more information about how AKJ Chemicals can help you clear the air and more effectively manage your in transit dust control.


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Our car top binding products dramatically reduce in-transit dust and the impact of moving

material from the mine to the end user.


DustLock and DustLock-C are both approved by the BNSF and have been proven to control dust on PRB shipments by more than 85% 

Cost of Operation

Car Top Binders dramatically reduce material loss in transit and are far less expensive than physical covers to procure, apply and maintain. 

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Learn more about optimizing water and chemical usage with real time dust data.

Real Time Dust Monitoring Technology


Actionable Insights

With the latest innovations in dust monitoring, AKJ can help you leverage technology to not only monitor dust --

but harness the data to drive application programs and optimize water usage, chemical usage and applied costs.  Create safer, cleaner work environments with the dust control programs of!

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