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Super Absorbent


Super Absorbent Technology

When bulk solids become high in surface moisture individual particles begin to clump together and become more difficult to handle.  In material handling systems, this can cause chutes and feeders to plug and restrict or eliminate flow.  Applying AKJ's FlowSorb to the bulk solid quickly converts free moisture to a  lubricating gel and restores flow to normal, drier conditions.  In scenarios where excess moisture causes reduced production or downtime, FlowSorb can often deliver significant ROI.

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When bulk solids become high in moisture they become "sticky" and difficult to move through material handling units.  This problem is often solved using manual labor and increases risk exposure.

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Cost of Operation

Moisture events can lead to downturns or even stoppages in material flow and production.  This often comes with significant expenses that can be avoided by applying FloiwSorb.

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Asset Protection

When material blinds off chutes and feeders, the solution to restore flow  is often brute force that can cause unnecessary wear and tear on critical equipment. 


Request more information about how AKJ Chemicals can help you avoid slow downs or stoppages in production due to high moisture material.


Super absorbent technology can be used on virtually any bulk solid that is prone to handling challenges when surface moisture is elevated.  In this video, you can see how the sample requires mechanical energy to flow through the pinch point.  FlowSorb is able to treat the surface moisture causing the problem and restore normal flow characteristics.

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