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Foam Dust Control



Request more information about how AKJ Chemicals can help you clear the air and more effectively manage your process dust control concerns.


Foam Dust Control

Bulk solids can produce significant dust during loading, unloading, crushing and processing.  Water alone is largely ineffective at controlling dust and the volumes of water necessary often negatively impact the material being treated.  Surfactants and binding agents can be added to the water to improve results and reduce moisture requirements to control dust.  To maximize performance, specialized surfactants are used in the solution that when combined with compressed air create a micro-foam that dramatically increases the surface area of the applied chemistry.  AKJ EnviroFoam combines a powerful foaming surfactant with a residual binding agent to offer long lasting dust control with minimal moisture addition.  For coal customers, AKJ offers a version of EnviroFoam that includes a powerful antioxidant package to reduce self-heating and limit BTU degradation.

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EnviroFoam can help control dust emissions throughout the lifecycle of a mineral and reduce the environmental impact.


Water alone often cannot keep process dust in check.  This can lead to fines and production shutdowns due to non-compliance.


Process dust reduces visibility and creates a less safe work environment.  EnviroFoam can clear the air and deliver dust control you can count on.

Asset Protection

Dust can negatively impact critical transportation and handling equipment.  Effective dust control can reduce maintenance spend.

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Learn more about optimizing water and chemical usage with real time dust data.

Real Time Dust Monitoring Technology


Actionable Insights

With the latest innovations in dust monitoring, AKJ can help you leverage technology to not only monitor dust --

but harness the data to drive application programs and optimize water usage, chemical usage and applied costs.  Create safer, cleaner work environments with the dust control programs of!

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