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Release Agent

Release Agent

When bulk solids become high in surface moisture they are more difficult to unload from rail cars and haul trucks.  This can result in longer unloading times and reduced production, all leading to higher cost of operation.  AKJ's release agent, ReleasEase, can be applied to the interior of rail cars and haul trucks just prior to loading to dramatically decrease the coefficient of friction required to release the payload.  Applying ReleasEase promotes cleaner, faster and more complete unloadings that optimize production even during high moisture scenarios.

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Request more information about how AKJ Chemicals can help you maintain peak unloading rates even during and after moisture events.


Cost of Operation

When bulk solids won't unload due to elevated moisture it can result in freight inefficiency and/or longer unloading times - both of which increase total costs.

Asset Protection

Equipment such as vibratory shakers are often used to promote clean unloadings.  This can cause significant wear and tear to critical and expensive equipment.


When material won't unload cleanly it is often solved using manpower which increases risk exposure to employees.

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