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Belt Deicer

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Belt Deicer

When conveyor belts won't move, neither will the materials they are moving.  Frozen belts can shut plants down and lead to costly unplanned downtime.  AKJ's IcEase line of belt deicer products includes chloride and non-chloride options designed to keep you running in even the harshest winter conditions.  The combination of anti-icing AND de-icing components allow IcEase products to prevent frozen belts and material slippage.  When combined with our automated application systems, IcEase can you help you avoid costly interruptions to productions during freeze season.  

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Request more information about how AKJ Chemicals can keep conveyor belts operating effectively in even the harshest winter weather.


Learn more about how CaCl programs 
compare to MagCl: 

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Asset Protection

Ice build up on belts and rollers makes the conveyor system work harder and can cause unnecessary wear and tear to the critical asset.

Cost of Operation

Frozen belts and/or material slippage can cause slow downs or even costly production outages.  


Ice build up on belts and rollers and material slippage can cause unsafe working conditions around the conveyor system. 

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