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Coating Agent

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Request more information about how AKJ Chemicals can help you control dust and caking with environmentally friendly coating agents.


Coating Agent

Dry fertilizers are dusty. During production, storage and transport there is often significant dust generation as particles degrade. Handling equipment causes breakage and temperature and humidity swings can result in a loss of granule integrity that only exacerbates the problem. In addition to the safety and environmental impact of dust, there is a loss of valuable product. Dust control coatings have long been applied to fertilizers at various stages between production and application - but they often don't strike a balance between performance, environmental sustainability and applied cost.

AKJ EnviroCoat is a unique wax-based coating agent formulated for easy application (reduced temperature requirements compared to asphaltic products), to be completely safe for the environment and to deliver the performance customers demand.

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EnviroCoat was specifically designed with limiting the environmental impact of coating agents compared to traditional asphaltic solutions.


EnviroCoat is safe to handle and can be applied at much lower temperatures than traditional asphaltic coatings.

Cost of Operation

By creating a durable coating that can be applied less frequently in the process chain, EnviroCoat offers economical performance.

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Learn more about optimizing water and chemical usage with real time dust data.

Real Time Dust Monitoring Technology


Actionable Insights

With the latest innovations in dust monitoring, AKJ can help you leverage technology to not only monitor dust --

but harness the data to drive application programs and optimize water usage, chemical usage and applied costs.  Create safer, cleaner work environments with the dust control programs of!

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