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Melting Agent

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Melting Agent

Moving bulk solids during winter time conditions can be difficult, especially when dealing with materials like coal that can be high in surface moisture.  This surface moisture can cause the material to freeze to handling and transportation equipment and/or to itself and into monolithic blocks that are difficult to break up and handle.  The best approach to avoiding these issues is implementing proactive side release and freeze conditioning programs to prevent the problem from occurring.  However, in some cases customers are forced to react to frozen material issues. 


AKJ IceMelt is a highly inhibited CaCl blend designed to thaw frozen material in rail cars, haul trucks and storage piles.  It can also be used to react to ice build up on conveyor belts and in other areas of a material handling system.  The corrosion inhibitor package used in IceMelt also aides in penetration and helps the product move through frozen material and ice more quickly than traditional chloride solutions.   


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compare to MagCl: 

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Ice build up on belts and rollers and material slippage can cause unsafe working conditions around the conveyor system. 

Cost of Operation

Frozen belts and/or material slippage can cause slow downs or even costly production outages.  

Asset Protection

Ice build up on belts and rollers makes the conveyor system work harder and can cause unnecessary wear and tear to the critical asset.

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