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Surface Sealant



Request more information about how AKJ Chemicals can help you clear the air and more effectively manage dust control at your site with surface sealants.


Surface Sealant

Storage piles and other areas that are prone to dusting under dry and windy conditions can produce significant dust events.  Water alone is largely ineffective unless applied frequently and can adversely effect minerals like coal and the overall integrity of the pile.  AKJ LiquiTarp can be applied to storage piles or dormant areas such as impoundments and road berms to eliminate dust for months on end.  The durable polymer cures to form a water insoluble crust that not only controls dust and eliminates inventory loss, but also limits the ability for water and oxygen to adversely impact the treated area.  This is particularly important for materials like coal that degrade in quality as they are exposed to oxygen and moisture events.  

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Surface Sealants are extremely effective at controlling dust emissions from dormant areas and storage piles and are a cost effective means of environmental stewardship.

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Facilities in close proximity to residential areas must adhere to strict air quality requirements and dust from dormant areas and storage piles can result in non-compliance.

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Asset Protection

Dust is not only a nuisance and safety concern, it represent a loss of inventory.  LiquiTarp eliminates material loss and helps maintain a higher quality product.

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Dust reduces visibility and can pose as a serious health threat when present in working areas.

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Cost of Operation

Controlling dust with water or physical covers and cleaning dust using labor can be a significant expense.  LiquiTarp can eliminate dust from dormant areas for months on end.

Learn more about optimizing water and chemical usage with real time dust data.

Real Time Dust Monitoring Technology


Actionable Insights

With the latest innovations in dust monitoring, AKJ can help you leverage technology to not only monitor dust --

but harness the data to drive application programs and optimize water usage, chemical usage and applied costs.  Create safer, cleaner work environments with the dust control programs of!

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