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Surface Sealant/Oxidation Control

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Surface Sealant/Oxidation Control

LiquiTarp is not only a powerful sealant used to control dust emissions from storage piles of coal, the water insoluble crust that is formed on the surface also helps the pile shed water and reduce oxygen intake.  Both of these additional performance attributes help slow down the oxidation process which leads to self-heating and the potential of spontaneous combustion.   LiquiTarp helps customers avoid hot spots and smokers while reducing BTU loss of coal in a long term storage scenario.  In many cases, these benefits offer a significant ROI from the application. 


Request more information about how AKJ Chemicals can help you limit sponcom events and avoid coal quality losses during storage.


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Surface Sealants are extremely effective at controlling dust emissions from storage piles AND reduce the likelihood hot spots and smokers.

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Facilities in close proximity to residential areas must adhere to strict air quality requirements and dust/off gassing from storage piles of coal can result in non-compliance.

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Asset Protection

Spontaneous combustion can lead to fires that put critical equipment, assets and coal inventory in jeopardy.

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Dealing with hotspots and potential fires can create challenging and unsafe working conditions.

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Cost of Operation

Sponcom events can be costly to address and often lead to unscheduled downtime.  Pile sealants are often a cost effective way to avoid the expense of reacting to the issue.

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