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Full Body Freeze Conditioning

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Full Body Feed Freeze Conditioning

Transporting coal and other minerals is difficult in cold weather regions during the winter months.  Surface moisture can cause materials like coal to freeze into large chunks that are difficult to handle and break up.  This can cause delays and potentially equipment damage at unloading and during reclamation and processing. 


The AKJ IceGuard line of products includes chloride and non-chloride options and contain an additive that helps the product prevent absorption into porous materials like coal.  This ensures the anti-freeze coats particles and stays on the surface where it can be effective.  IceGuard products allow for maximum freeze conditioning performance at minimum application rates. 

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Request more information about how AKJ Chemicals can help you avoid material handling challenges during harsh winter conditions.


Cost of Operation

The alternatives to freeze conditioning come at a cost.  Thaw sheds are expensive to operate and living with frozen coal can result in costly delays.

Asset Protection

Frozen pigs or large chunks of frozen material can cause damange and/or wear and tear on critical assets. 


Frozen material often requires physical labor to break up the material.  This can increase risk exposure for personnel.

AKJ developed full body feed freeze conditioning products using a rigorous testing process.  A point load device was used to assess the ability of various antifreeze agents in conjunction with performance enhancement additives to weaken the ice crystal formation that leads to frozen pigs.  In this video, the point load testing shows how IceGuard can reduce the compression "strength" of the frozen coal sample by more than 3X. 

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