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Antioxidant Agent


Antioxidant Agent

Lower rank coals high in inherent moisture are susceptible to self-heating as they age and are exposed to oxygen.  The oxidation process is an exothermic reaction that causes heat gain and when that heat cannot dissipate the material can spontaneously combust.  

AKJ Redoxx is a powerful antioxidant agent that can slow down the oxidation process and delay sponcom events.  AKJ EnviroFoam-300 contains Redoxx to offer customers the ability to prevent self heating AND offer long lasting residual dust control.  By combining an antioxidant agent, foaming package and binder into one product, AKJ makes it easy to offer the ultimate in dust control and BTU maintenance from the coal mine to the power line.  This helps customers achieve the highest level of performance during coal handling. transportation and storage to improve safety and environmental compliance.  


Request more information about how AKJ Chemicals can help you clear the air and more effectively manage your storage pile to control dust and inhibit spontaneous combustion.

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Redoxx offers powerful dust control and oxidation control to reduce the environmental impact of a coal sorage pile.


Facilities in close proximity to residential areas must adhere to strict air quality requirements and dust/off gassing from storage piles of coal can result in non-compliance.

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Asset Protection

Spontaneous combustion can lead to fires that put critical equipment, assets and coal inventory in jeopardy.

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Cost of Operation

Sponcom and dust events can be costly to address and often lead to unscheduled downtime.  Full body feed programs are  often a cost effective way to avoid the expense of reacting to the issue.


Dealing with hotspots and potential fires can create challenging and unsafe working conditions.

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