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Side Release Agent


Side Release Agent

Transporting coal and other minerals is difficult in cold weather regions during the winter months.  Material often freezes to the sidewalls of rail cars and won't unload cleanly at the receiving end.  End users often resort to shakers that increase unloading time and equipment wear and tear, thaw sheds that are costly to operate, or do nothing at all and live with freight inefficiencies due to reduced capacity in the rail car. 


SR-300 is a glycerin-based side release agent that includes a powerful additive, SurfaceBond, used in the paint industry to prevent sag and runoff.  This allows SR-300 to create a thick, low freeze point coating on the vertical walls of the rail car to prevent carryback and promote clean unloadings.  SurfaceBond allows for maximum performance at minimum application rates

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Request more information about how AKJ Chemicals can help you avoid material handling challenges during harsh winter conditions.


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The two components that make up SR-300, glycerin and the SurfaceBond additive, are environmentally friendly and safe to handle.


SR-300 has been used to treat millions of rail cars over the last decade plus, is approved by multiple rail carriers, and is recognized by large utilities as a premier product.

Cost of Operation

The alternatives to applying a side release agent often come at a significant cost.  Thaw sheds are expensive to operate and living with carryback can result in costly freight penalties.

Asset Protection

Using vibratory shakers to unload frozen material can cause significant wear and tear on rail cars. Using a chloride based program can expose critical equipment to corrosion concerns.


Carryback often manifests on one side of a rail set due to sun exposure in transit.  This can lead to out of balance rail cars that are more prone to derailment and create elevated safety concerns. 

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