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Process Foam Control

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Request more information about how AKJ Chemicals can help you minimize foaming to avoid process interruptions.

Process Foam Control

Entrained air and surface foam can cause a variety of quality, production and environmental problems for industrial operations. AKJ's FoamSuppress line of antifoams and defoamers includes a full range of specially formulated foam control technologies that minimize the detrimental effects of entrained air, surface foam and surfactant-stabilized foam in aqueous manufacturing systems.


FoamSuppress products are available in a variety of chemical formulations to address virtually any foam issue and regulatory requirement.  By controlling dosing equipment with real time foam level measurement, AKJ offers performance you can count on at the lowest possible cost of operation. 

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Total Cost of Operation

FoamSuppress programs include real time foam detection to optimize chemical usage.


FoamSuppress can eliminate foam events can lead to process disruptions that negatively impact productions.


Foam can lead to overflow and result in unsafe working conditions such as slip and fall hazards.

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Real Time Foam Monitoring Technology

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Actionable Insights

Controlling Foam can be vital to maintaining optimal process performance in a multitude of different industries.  AKJ starts by identifying the right chemistry based on site specific variables.  The next step in delivering performance is to dose the product to deliver results without excess expense.  By controlling feed equipment using state of the art level monitoring, AKJ foam control programs provide the ultimate foam control protection with the lowest possible cost of operation. 

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